This has been one of the greatest summers I’ve had in a very long time.  I’ve been running regularly with no injuries or strains all year, which seems like a miracle!  I also started this blog in the Spring and it has been a super fun and exciting new adventure for me.  Everything in my life has just been going so smoothly and I was feeling so content and happy I guess it was about time for an upset.  To say it was a life changing event would be a bit dramatic but it was a big, unexpected change.  In any case I won’t bore you with the details but the situation had me feeling a little down.  I wasn’t in the mood to work out, didn’t feel like writing on this blog.  I just felt sorry for myself.

Life is always changing isn’t it?  Great one moment, hitting the skids the next!  And sometimes, what I think is a bad change ends up turning into something better in the end.  I’ve learned over the years that the sooner I can pull myself together and get back to doing what makes me happy, the better off I am.  I went out and hit the trails to work up a good sweat but you know, sometimes feeding the pouting beast in my belly some chocolate is the only thing that’s going to make me feel better!  So, I decided to indulge myself with a pan of Mom’s Fudge Cuts!  I know, not a very healthy choice but no worries, I’ll run it off tomorrow!


Fudge Cuts have been a quick, sweet treat in my life ever since I was a kid.  I did tweak Mom’s recipe just a little by using an 8 x 8 baking dish rather than a 9 x 13.  I also reduced the baking temperature from 400 to 375 and raised the baking time from 12 minutes to about 20.  (I know my photography skills are not the greatest!)


I sometimes use coconut oil instead of the butter or a mix of each.  If you use the unrefined coconut oil you will taste a slight coconut flavor in the brownies.  I always use the Hershey’s special dark cocoa rather than the regular cocoa powder the original recipe calls for.  These dark chocolate Fudge Cuts come out crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside and they’re sure to kick the pants off of that gloomy mood!

0905161840_hdrMelt the butter or coconut oil in the microwave until it melts.  Stir in the sugar and mix well.


Stir in the beaten eggs and vanilla.  In a separate bowl, blend together the flour, dark cocoa powder and salt.


Combine the dry ingredients with the sugar-butter mixture and stir until well blended.


Spread mixture in a greased 8 x 8 baking dish.


Bake at 375 for approximately 20 minutes.  I make sure the center isn’t jiggly before I take it out.  These are meant to be chewy and gooey inside but if you like a thinner, crisper bar with more of a cake-like texture you could use Mom’s recipe.  Just spread the batter in a 9 x 13 and bake at 400 for 12 minutes.


Allow to cool before sprinkling with powdered sugar.  (Oops!  is that a little nibble out of one corner?)

I sure wish I had one of those great little recipe gizmos that I see on other bloggers sites but my site is not that high-tech yet so this is what you get:  a picture of a recipe card! (And again, not a very good picture!)


I have to give props to my niece, Brooke, for making the amazing Family Recipes cookbook.  It’s a collection of our family favorites that we’ve passed to each other throughout the years and I use this book often and will treasure it forever!