I remember when I first met them I was a young, single mom, living on the streets.


I begged the young boy for some food and he, in turn, begged his mother to take me in.


Eventually, I had to tell the boy my secret; I had babies to feed.  When I brought them to his door, the boy welcomed them with joy in his heart.  His mother … was a little overwhelmed at first but it didn’t take long for her heart to melt after snuggling my babies against her cheek.


What a great life it was for us there on that little acreage in the country.  The boy laughed and played with my babies.


There was a sunflower forest to climb in and mice to chase and bunnies to stalk.


After I got older we moved to the city, the concrete jungle.  It wasn’t safe to run outside anymore but we had sunny windowsills to lay in and all the food we could eat; no more chewing on scrawny mice!


Once a year they actually put a tree up, inside the house for me to climb in.  They hang all kinds of shiny, bouncy toys on it for me to bat around and a soft blanket underneath the tree with crinkly packages for me to bite and claw at.  They may be celebrating my birthday or something, I’m not sure but a great time is had by all!


I did cause some trouble now and again…  I broke a few antiques that were in the way on one of my shelves (oops!) and once I got caught in possession of weed.


There was a cookie-licking incident I almost got away with but unfortunately, I left a print behind at the scene.

0705161947_hdrOccasionally I get into things I shouldn’t…


and I may have a little drinking problem.


but hey, we all do, right???

I try to make up for it all by being the best alarm clock that woman ever had!  I don’t just work on week-days either!  I’m there every Saturday and Sunday, long before the sun comes up, singing her favorite song so she doesn’t waste a minute of her weekend snoozing because, unlike me, she hates sleeping in.  Sometimes, she even wants to start a pillow fight when I first start singing my wake-up song.  I’ve taken more than one soft pillow to the noggin now and again!

I know she appreciates all the hard work I put in pressing her laundry…


doing needlepoint on her throw-covers with my claws…

img_20140818_182731_008and holding down the couch so it doesn’t roll away…


I am lucky enough now to spend my golden years as a pampered family member.  My food dish is always full


and I have my choice of soft, fluffy beds to nap on.0823161957_hdr I tell this story to those who are hesitant to adopt a cat or maybe just aren’t sure if they should take in that stray.  Just think how different my life would have been if it hadn’t been for that little boy and his mom.  Please, adopt a pet!