0723160718_hdrI don’t know about you, but when I’m out running or taking the dog on a walk I see some of the most beautiful sights.  Sometimes I just have to stop mid-run to grab my phone and snap a pic!  I like my phone to be nice and handy for that reason.  I normally just carry my phone and key when I run.  I have tried putting them in my pocket if my running clothes have one, or clip-on pouches and in desperation, I’ve even put my phone in a sandwich bag and stuffed it in my running bra!  But any flapping, bouncing, or digging into my skin just drives me crazy when I’m running.

I saw some running belts online that looked like they would work great but they were pretty expensive.  They were made of spandex with an inner pocket that held your items snug against your body.  It looked like something I might be able to make myself but the only DIY instructions I could find online looked a little technical for me.  I can sew but not with any great skill and putting a zippered pocket in a running belt was way more work than I wanted to take on.0828161354a_HDR

Using a version of something I found online, (minus the zippered pouch) I decided to make one out of an old spandex tank top that I didn’t wear anymore.  I’m sure it would be just as easy to purchase some spandex at the fabric store but this old tank top was just hanging there waiting to become useful!


I measured 16″ up from the bottom of the tank and cut across the top.  Then, I turned the fabric inside out.

0828161357_HDRNext, I placed a straight pin at the 8″ point on each side of the fabric.  Then I folded the top of the fabric over to the half-way point.


Next, I folded the bottom up to the half-way point.


Next, I folded the top down to the half-way point again and did the same with the bottom.


This is basically what your belt will look like; remember it is inside out.  When you use it, the pockets will be facing in towards your body.  You might want to try your belt on at this point to see if it fits or if you need to take it in at all.  Since this was a fitted spandex top it already fit me perfectly.  The next steps are just a matter of sewing a seam down the back of the belt to keep it from unfolding.  Then measure and pin where you want to stitch the remaining seams to make pockets for the items you normally carry with you when you run.  For me, that would be a phone and key.

0828161437a_HDRAfter stitching the seams for the pockets, turn the belt right side out.  Your belt is ready to wear!  Just slip your phone or other items in the bottom of the pouch and fold the top of the pouch over it.  Your items stay secured in place against your body as you run and are easily accessible.

0828161445_HDRIf you are making your belt from spandex fabric you may want to consider leaving your belt open and sewing Velcro at the seams.  It would make it easier to put on if you could just wrap it around and seal the Velcro rather than having to slide it over your feet and up your legs.

1112161511It looks a little bulky in the picture but it really isn’t.  The spandex holds everything snug against your body so there is no bouncing or digging.  These belts are great, not just for runners but dog-walking, shopping, or anytime you need to carry a couple of small items and still be hands-free. I usually wear my shirt down over it so it isn’t as noticeable but it’s easy to access when I need to snap a quick picture like I did today, on this beautiful fall day on a great little island trail I found!