This is definitely a cry for help!

Meet Mayday, she was constructed of reclaimed wood here at our shop over a decade ago at the request of a friend. Eventually she passed it on to another friend who may have used it in a child’s room based on the funky paint job on the top of the table! 😝  Mayday was re-homed again and eventually found her way back to us.

I started by cleaning with soap and water and removing the wads of chewing gum stuck to the underside!

I filled in some of the holes with wood putty and gave her a quick scuff with sandpaper and she was ready for her new paint job!

Mayday’s underside was still unfinished so I applied a coat of grey primer to everything.

My initial thought on color was to paint her a deep navy blue.  At some point when I was buying paint, I ended up with a bottle of chalk paint called Ocean.  Since it was just waiting to be used on something I decided to give it a whirl and see how I liked it.  Meh… not so much!

Maybe if it were going to be used as a garden bench it would be cute in Ocean Blue, but for me, this just wasn’t what I had pictured for Mayday at all.  I went ahead with my original idea of a deep, dark blue.

I just used acrylic paint in a color called Prussian Blue.  Even with just one coat, I knew this was the blue I had imagined for Mayday.  After the second coat of Prussian Blue, I painted the cast iron star, first with a coat of grey primer and then a coat of antique white.  I lightly distressed the star but I decided not to distress the bench at all.  I finished it with a clear matte top coat.


Mayday would make a great little mudroom bench.  She would also work well at the foot of a kids bed with a cushion on top or maybe as a rustic coffee table.