I bought Winona at a flea market.  She was covered with paint splatters and a thick layer of dust but I thought she was so unique.

I’ve never seen a chair with all these wires criss-crossed between the legs.  I’m not sure if that was supposed to be for added support or what???  In any case, Winona is pretty rickety and would not be good to actually use as a chair to sit in.  I cleaned her up and applied a coat of Waverly chalk paint in Plaster.  Then I did some distressing, followed up by a coat of clear wax.  There was a dark stain on the top rail of the chair back that bled through the white paint.  I left it as-is and consider it part of the primitive charm of the chair!  That and I was too lazy to fix it!

I think the white paint really makes those wire accents pop.

Winona makes a great little display chair and would probably be equally as interesting hanging on the wall.