Running Down My Dreams

Healthy Lifestyle


Welcome to my blog!  My name is Laurie and I started this blog because one of my lifelong passions has always been writing.  Now that I’m in my fifties forties😉 it’s all about running down those dreams!

Staying fit and eating healthy allows me to do the things I love to do like trail running, hiking, horseback riding, yoga, growing my own vegetables and herbs.  I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago and with some clean changes to my diet, my IBS is under control.  The migraines I suffered with for 25 years disappeared and I am much healthier and happier!  

My Healthy Living category is all about fitness strategies, workouts, local running trails, growing your own food, trying healthy recipes, restoring your gut health, shopping your local farmer’s market, and eating organic, whole foods. 

Interested in DIY projects?  Check out my DIY category for posts on reusing, recycling, up-cycling and DIY projects for home and garden.  See my No-Kill Furniture Rescue page for up-cycled items for local sale. 

I’m just here to share my adventures with you and hopefully make some new friends.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!